A flexible partner in production

We can help you increase your capacity even without investment

Rental of collaborative robots

We make production easier

  • Performing repetitive tasks without a break or error, increasing efficiency
  • Robotics and automation expertise
  • We follow your production, and we are at your disposal in case of problems

A loyal partner

  • Works tirelessly in three shifts, doesn’t need a holiday
  • Works without supervision or breaks
  • Endless tolerance for monotony

35 000 hours

A collaborative robot works at least that much without malfunctions

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5 types

There are five types of exoskeletons, ready to help your colleagues

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+/- 1 mm margin of error

You can trust the precision of our collaborative robot to handle even the most delicate workpieces

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Satisfied companies use collaborative robots, exoskeletons or other automation solutions.

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We add engineering knowledge to our robots

Rental of collaborative robots, exoskeletons and many other automation options with technical support and training.

We add engineering

Helps increase production efficiency