Collaborative robots for rent

  • Fits into any production process.
  • We have already invested in it, you don’t have to.
  • Our engineers follow the process.

Cost effective

The cost of the robots is on us. The renting cost is similar to the total cost of new employee onboarding.

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We also provide engineers

No programming required: Viacob engineers will install, set up and follow up the cobot.

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No service interval, and should it malfunction, we replace the cobot instead of repairing it.

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No need to adapt the plant

Unlike industrial robots, collaborative robots can work right next to humans because they can ‘see’ and ‘feel’ so they can avoid accidents. In most cases, no fencing is required as long as the manipulator is compliant with collaboration.

Works hard from the start


Fits into the online queue straight away. Can communicate and cooperate with other devices.


Can be taught to do a wide range of tasks, from assembling small parts to moving heavy objects.


Has sensors and avoids accidents. It can share the workspace with people in most cases.


No programming skills required. A layperson can teach it by modelling the motion sequence.

Versatile application

We design a solution based on your needs and check its effectiveness on site. We design the most suitable construction for each local requirement and parameter. We also provide training for your staff.

Sawyer’s parameters


+- 0.1 mm margin of error, can do visual checks (state of the switch, presence of parts)

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It can handle both sorted an unsorted workpieces.

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Collaborative robot has 7 axes. The first six axes can rotate 350°, the 7th can do 540°

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Typically used for material handling. Fits in a small space with a weight limit of 4 kg.

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One of our Sawyers at work

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